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I have a small clump of java moss that I just leave float freely in my water change bucket (it gets dechlorinated and left to sit during the week for minor topping off and aging for the Saturday water change). Whenever I get new shrimp or fish (as infrequent as it may be), I just move it over to the acclimatisation bucket. Gives them a place to hide, a piece of greenery to hang out around, some biofilm to munch on and, like you mentioned, some minor bio filtration. And since java moss is unkillable, all it takes is the ambient lighting in the room to keep it going.

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Absolutely! An object helps the fish - if I have trimmings available or if the fish have to sit in a bucket for long periods of time for whatever reason, I'll typically throw some trimmings from stem plants or the like into the bucket for them. This does a lot to provide shade and some natural filtration (albeit small scale) in the bucket temporarily.
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