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I wish I had seen this on Sunday

Originally Posted by Complexity View Post
I have a specific question. When fish have been in a bag for 2-3 days due to shipping, it's my understanding that the ammonia in the water has built up. But because the bag is sealed, it's less harmful to the fish somehow. However, the instant you open the bag, there is a chemical reaction (CO2 and pH maybe?) that causes the ammonia to become much more toxic.

As a result, I generally add a tiny bit of Prime into my 5g bucket just before opening the bag and releasing the new fish into the bucket. I've always done this to help protect the fish from the ammonia in the shipping water.

What do you think of the issues of ammonia in the water from shipping and how to handle it? Is the way I handle it a good idea or is there a better way?

Bc I lost an HMPK even though I acclimated him for over an hour.

Is it possible that he had been so ammonia stressed during the flight that he was too far gone when I received him?

I feel like I let him and his previous owner down.
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