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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
And here's today's photo update, with the tank levels restored and me turning on Co2 for the first time since last night:

I've once again taken on the enjoyment of feeding the fish - which is something quite fun to sit back and watch with the schooling microrasbora variety's.

As such, I'll just take a second to say again that we often forget about fish in the course of the planted aquarium with so much focus on the plants - but really, it's the right fish that bring the whole picture together and make the final picture so great.

Fish have a way of bringing the whole layout into life and brings an aquascape from "cool" territory into "stare at for hours and get lost into it" status.

It's easy to get tunnel vision - so don't forget about the fish that you should add to your layout to complete the scene!
Huh? Oh, sorry. I was too busy staring at the tank to read. Looks amazing as always Frank. I'll get there one day.
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