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New tray rests, this time with symmetry. Used the belt and disc sanders with clamps to get this result - much better.

The four outside rests.
Threaded them all together, then sanded.

The two inside rests.
Made new ones, this time 3" wide.

All of them glued and taped.
I gave all the rests vertical supports. Used the blue tape prior to gluing to ensure they stayed where I wanted them post-glue. Glued with E6000.

Slight fix for the scrubbies.
Prevents them from floating on their own. I may still need to weigh them down a bit, but they are holding much better now. I used a lot of zip ties, but I've had that bag since high $15 I ever spent!

I have to wait 48 hours for the E6000 to fully cure, then silicone the rests into place. 24 hours, and then test the new drip trays.

In the mean time I can:
  • Source coarse filter foam
  • Get platform ready for plumbing routing/testing in the garage
  • Work on the return plumbing
  • Prep the 50G for the overflow box install
  • Build the jig for the overflow box install
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