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Thanks for all the information over the past few months. Per our last thread hijacking a month ago, I have since found out that my kitchen faucet does indeed allow me to use an aqueon water changer. It does not vacuum very well using the sink attachment though if I just toss the hole part into the yard, it works well enough. Really nice for filling up the tank!

The algae is nearly gone. While I didn't pick up 50 (or should I say 49) amano shrimp for my 75g, 12 have been very happy eating away. Combine that with sufficient O2 (now that my BOD/algae attack/filter problems), the tank is starting to settle in nicely.

With the above mentioned filter problems, I have unfortunately needed to run for a few days w/o CO2 (!). I ended up needing to buy a new filter, mail the head unit of my Fluval to MA for testing and repair, which has left my tank w/o all the fun plumbed cabinet stuff (heater and CO2). Hopefully today I should get a new external pump to add flow and move water through the heater and CO2.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated! I've enjoyed reading through your adventures as well.


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