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I'm going to try that when I get around to it

I had to replant ALL of my L. repens today, and while I was doing that I noticed that, for whatever reason, my substrate on that little part of the tank is not as deep as I would like. So I think part of my problem is that I can't get the plants down deep enough, which I can rectify with another bag of eco complete if I find a red one again (I think someone told me that a petco in my area was having an epic sale on eco I might have to look into that)

Aside from that, I also decided to trim and replant the tops of each of my L. repens, cause I think the fact that the stems were so tall and had no roots made it harder for them to stay in place. Once I get everything rooted well and staying down, and the stems get taller, I'll probably just trim them and figure out what to do with the tops since I have more than enough of that plant for now.

I still need some more R. macrandra and L. glandulousa and H. corymbosa, but I'll wait till christmas time on those cause I should have a nice new CO2 system by then. (crossing fingers)

Anyone want to suggest interesting plants to me? I've been thinking about throwing some HC up on the driftwood, since I am finding that the moss I currently have is just more of a mess than its worth. I might actually want some moss recommendations for this tank, since what I want is for it to stick to the driftwood and grow like crazy. Luckily enough, where I have that driftwood cave, the slanting part on the right side is very much removable so I could always just place moss there and see what it naturally does.

I'm also thinking about getting more Trumpet Snails, but thats not hard to do at all. I never see the snails themselves but I do see broken shells every now and then so they must still be kicking around. I'm still waiting on my plauge of snails. I'll also see if I can ever get my Mystery Snails to breed, just cause I really like those snails in this tank, they've been doing a pretty good job at keeping things under control but I need more small ones kicking around.

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