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Oh cool.. Yeah i figured as much. I'm in AZ so i wouldn't need a heater till winter too. But I'm creating a shopping list so i know what heater is best (and cheap) to work well and not be hard to conceal in a 4g. Btw, what seller on Ebay did you get your setup from? I'm really considering this. But I'm only a bit apprehensive because I've only known of ADA, Do!Aqua, GLA, and Mr. Aqua when it came to these style if tanks. However, this Schuber Wright seems like a better deal when you factor in the Fugeray light fixture.

Btw, do you have your tank backwards to hide the bevel side? Its kinda hard to make out in the pics. I think i would do the same as I'm not to crazy about the bevel. Can you post more pics showing how the fixture looks on top if the tank? Oh and where did you get all those mosses? Every LFS in AZ only carry boring java moss. I'm assuming its been too hot to get shipments of flora so if i don't find any soon (especially flame moss), i may have to order on Ebay as well. Thanks!
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