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Thanks HD. It's not a floater - perhaps I have not identified it correctly. I have had problems identifying it via pictures. I brought up the co2 issue because I have been fighting a very small amount of BBA. I tried increasing co2 with my Milwaukee regulator but almost gassed my fish. I liked the Milwaukee but I was not able to make small precise adjustments. I was thinking the small amount of BBA was because I could use a bit more co2 and then Tom Barr chimed in and thought that perhaps the stunted growth could be related. For now, it's the only plant with stunted new growth.

*Substrate = 50% Florite sand 50% regular Florite
*Lighting 108W of a 216W T5HO Aquatic Life hood 25" from substrate 8.5 hours daily.
*Amarath Redroot, Waterhyssop, Brazilian Pennywort, Water Wisteria, Jungle Val, Moss Ball, Riccia, Nana, Java Lace, Cryptocoryne, Pigmy Chain Sword.
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