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There are a variety of techniques to do what you want, but each one first requires that the algae be identified. That's because what works for one type of algae won't necessarily work for another.

The second problem is that algae grows very quickly so if all you do is remove the algae without figuring out what's causing it and then fixing the root problem, the algae will just come right back. And most techniques for removing the algae for plants can become harmful if they are repeated continuously.

So the way to get rid of the algae is this:
  1. Identify the algae. If you can post pictures of the algae, we can help identify it for you.
  2. Identify the cause of the algae. Once we know which algae it is, we can help you figure out what's causing it.
  3. Fix the cause of the algae. This is the ultimate solution to getting rid of the algae long term.
  4. Kill the existing algae. This is the last step in which a number of different techniques can be used to kill the algae on the plants and throughout the tank.
So if you'd like to get rid of the algae, you can start step 1 by posting a picture of the algae so it can be identified.

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