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Okay, I have an update. I finally purchased a GH and KH test kit. My gh measured 7 (125.3 ppm) from the tap and a 6 (107.4) from the tank.

KH measured a 2 (35.8 ppm) from the tap and the tank.

So..... What does this mean? Let's ignore for the moment a possible co2 issue which I intend to explore - I just upgraded my regulator and needle valve for better control. Could this be a factor with stunted tip growth for my red root?

Is the gh too high? Is the KH too low?


*Substrate = 50% Florite sand 50% regular Florite
*Lighting 108W of a 216W T5HO Aquatic Life hood 25" from substrate 8.5 hours daily.
*Amarath Redroot, Waterhyssop, Brazilian Pennywort, Water Wisteria, Jungle Val, Moss Ball, Riccia, Nana, Java Lace, Cryptocoryne, Pigmy Chain Sword.
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