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Yay, the last post worked.
Anyways, on with the rest of the pics

FTS as of August 21st. I had gone to the LFS and noticed that they had gotten a fresh shipment of plants in, and that they were doing 3 "bunches" for $9...and that they were including 2 really nice Crinums and a Nice lace plant, all mother plants, in that "bunches" category. Also, they had some stuff I wanted for some other tanks I'm working on and I managed to get a ton of L. repens.

One of the two massive crinum natans I bought. Placed there because I figure, once the three swords grow in it can provide some accents to the otherwise large shaped leafs. Behind the swords are my very unhappy R. macrandra, but with dosing I am confident that even those will recover.

This is what I was talking about with that Red Tiger Lotus though. Within 5 days, it has already created an entirely new baby plant that I could easily clip off and place somewhere else. Which I would do, had I not done so about 5 other times. I swear, I could probably make a carpet of this plant if I really wanted to. My only complain about this though is that I am not getting much vertical growth, mainly horizontal. That's why I put the vesuvius behind it, since I know that it gets tall and it has those interesting spirals too it. Well, that and I couldn't think of where else to put it lol

Here you can see the mother lace plant (you can sort of see it too the right) and the mother crinum. The lace was flowering (that deteriorated quickly though) and the crinum had a baby plant I accidentally pulled off (growing next to the lotus), so I'm sure that in my tank these will both be producing like crazy. I would love to one day sell some Madagascar Lace and Crinum natans to the forum You can also see that I have a ton of L. repens now, and once I get them all growing I'll probably be cutting this and figuring out what to do with it. Although I need more, I plan on putting my L. glandulousa in this same area, so I think I'll make sure that the L. repens is trimmed short, like, tall enough where it can be seen, but not so tall that it obscures the lace and crinum (though it can hide the bulbs if they want to) and not so tall that I can place the other ludwigia behind it and have it growing taller, or even place it within this mess and just keep that trimmed to be taller, to almost create the effect of a massive tree jutting out of a forest of not quite so massive trees.

And this is just my little friend named phallic. Albino Senegalus Bichir, named because when I went to buy him, my mom looked at me and said "Why do you want to buy that fish? It looks like a..." (you can guess the rest)
Was awkward when she was talking to the older fellow working there about the resemblance as well...interesting car ride home from the LFS to be sure lol.

That's just about everything as of now. The one biggest challenge with this tank is getting everything to stay in the gravel. Its sometimes not even the geo that does it, the big bichir moving around on the bottom sometimes uproots newer plants until they establish new root systems. Once that happens though its usually pretty good. The geo might uproot some things, but same deal there. The most difficult fish in the tank have actually been the Rainbow cichlids...which are supposedly a very "plant safe" cichlid. They love to inspect new plants and see what they can and cannot pull apart. Once they fail they give up and leave it alone though, but I've seen them try to pull apart my windelov (back when it had leafs) and I've even seen them gang up and uproot vallisneria (I'm experimenting with it again to see if I can get it too stick, mainly cause I want the tiger strip and dark red varieties somewhere in this tank).

Thanks for looking, I'll actually keep this thread updated for a change :P

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