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Lets see if this works

Full tank shot as of August 16th. This is right when I added the Korelia and EI dosing into the mix. It has been helping to get ride of the BBA that I've had going on with the driftwood and the anubias for a while, and I'm starting to feel satisfied with the growth of some of my plants.

Just showing my little patch of C. parva and a glimpse of the heteroclita on the driftwood. Right now, that is just leafs with baby plantlets but I hope that it will become a nice healthy growth of plant by next summer at worst. The parva is doing okay, not really uprooting, but I notice that my geo likes to place gravel right there and I have found plants buried a little because of it. Not sure if my fish is trying to garden or just messing with me lol

My two less than stellar Madagascar Lace plants, along with my not doing too well ludwigia (if you can even see them)

while not much has been happening with the plant as of this point, do look further down when I show what it looks like just 5 days later

Probably can't tell from the pic, but aside from the BBA there are actually leafs coming out of my Java Fern rhizomes now. Once that gets established, I'm sure I'll have tons of this stuff growing all over the place.

Anubias is doing okay, not fantastic, but okay.

this right here is probably the most depressing thing. I bought this Rose Sword as a giant mother plant, and then in terrible lighting and everything it just completely melted down to being just a root ball. At least its not dead, and I think by next summer it should be back to full glory. If not sooner. Also, two aflame swords that have also seen better days. THIS IS WHY YOU DO NOT GET HIGH LIGHTS BEFORE YOU GET FERTS. Oh well, plants grow and recover.

Couldn't resist at least one snail picture

Polysperma from above. Once I get this going really well I'll be filling in the gaps between each stem. I got it from a member on here, just forgetting the name right now.

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