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Quick update...had a few minutes after picking up the (hopefully) last batch of goodies from the Depot.


Yup, got the heights within 1/16-1/8" or so, pretty happy about that.

Fitted onto the bulkheads (dry test)
I realized that there is no turning back once the pipes are glued onto the bulkheads - only way the bulkheads are coming out after that is with lots of cutting!

Not sure how I feel about that.

The valves can both be wide open at the same time...about 1/4" to spare...and having all the unions in line is symmetrically satisfying.

I'm thinking for the slip caps fitting on threaded adapters...a bead of silicone inside the top of the cap should allow it to snug down without ripping the silicone off. Can't hurt to try.

One last note - the weight of the plumbing isn't as stressing as I'd thought it might be - with a support piece below the unions it'll hold up just fine.

Tomorrow, if time allows, I'll start on the return plumbing - the drill bit for the overflow box returns should arrive mid-next week, so next weekend will be the drilling and assembly of the overflow.

This week/week-end:
  • Finish sump!!!!
  • Mock up tank/sump for routing of drains
  • Return plumbing
  • Make overflow box jig
  • Mask/prep tank surface for overflow box install

Oh....and install new fuel filter in the Jetta.
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