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Hello Complexity. Hope you are doing well. Thanks again with the help with the firts. Since we last spoke I set up a 55 gallon. I dosed it also per your instructions and it's looking wonderful. I'm going to set up journal when I get some time. I did have a question for you. The pluming inside your tank looks pretty custom. Did you do that all yourself? Does the return being down that low effect the plants at all. I'm curious about it and interested in doing something similar.

[QUOTE=Complexity;1976863]These pics pan the tank, from the left side to the right side. If you look closey, you can see my Pelvicachromis swimming around. Their caves are also visible. Normally, the plants hide these, especially the caves in the back.

In this first pic, you can see my juvenile Pelvicachromis from the parents' first set of fry. They're close to the bottom, around the thermometer. I hope to be able to sex them sometime soon.

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