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It's definitely best to figure out why you're getting algae and then try to remedy it. I am not freaked out by a little bit here and there -- I have some really pretty, very vibrant green stuff that grows sparsely on my cholla and the plecos love it, so I leave it alone. Hair algae, on the other hand, is very annoying. I got some Amanos and they seem to be helping with the hair algae (I have a tank that gets morning sun exposure on one side and it's just enough to cause some algae growth). I've found the Excel is helpful, too, especially with things like hair algae. Just make sure you don't have marimos in the tank you are treating with it. If you have small fish that won't eat shrimp, Neocaridinas are pretty good at cleaning things up. I have a bunch of culls in one tank that are RCS, PFR and yellows crossed and they do a really great job cleaning up everyday algae that just grows a bit here or there on the glass and plants.
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