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Originally Posted by Axelrodi202 View Post
In my 15 gallon tank, I kind of left the tank alone for a few months and when I got around to thinning out the other plants, I found that the non-substantial amount of moss that was in the tank before had carpeted most of the tank. Now I maintain the carpet by spreading out the moss evenly over the surface I want it to carpet (I use my hands to spread out the clumps of moss that form). I would guess you could create a carpet by getting a good amount of moss to start with and spreading it out over the substrate you want to be carpeted.

The moss in my tank is a mix of java and christmas moss. If you want a carpet, I don't think flame moss would be a good option, considering its vertical growth pattern.
I read about flame moss's vertical growing, that i'll try tying to driftwood. I'm thinking about getting riccia too since I saw a photo of the stuff looking lumpy like a moss ball.
Thanks for the advice.

Originally Posted by eco View Post
Attach the moss to a stainless steal mesh. Measure the area that you want carpeted and have the mesh custom cut to fit your desired area. pm me for supplies!
I've seen those on ebay it's a shame I haven't seen the plastic ones anymore.

Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
You can make moss walls:

or moss weird shapes:

Or moss tiles using SS mesh as eco stated.
those look pretty good I'm using a blue background, but a partial moss wall would look good.
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