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Originally Posted by Sleek1607 View Post
I need to figure out how to get rid of algae on my plants, without uprooting the plants/disturbing the plants. Please give me tips!

First, figure out why you have algae showing up--and what type--then work to change the conditions that caused it. For that, we need to know more about your set up, what plants are involved, etc.

Typically the biggest culprit is a lighting problem; my tank breaks out with green water if I let too much direct sunlight reach the tank, with BBA when I get lazy about leaving the main bulbs on too long (anything more than 6 hrs a day usually does it).

Once you've addressed the problems, alot of algae will naturally die off or you can rid yourself of the worst by clipping off the affected old growth. The right clean up crew can often help keep future growth in check--in my tank that's otocinclus, nerites, shrimp and an SAE.
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