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Finally fish are here! Microrasbora Kubotai coming up! These will go into the Mini M.

Originally Posted by freph View Post
I must say Frank, I'm absolutely in love with that mixed riccia/grass in the looks amazing. I'm glad I spent the time tying all 13 stones worth of riccia you sent me. The 8 that are sitting in the 20 (random growout until Thursday) are already standing up. The ones in the Mini, however....not so hot.Thinking I'll just swap stones over from the 20 into the Mini come Thursday. In the meantime, cloudy water ahoy! *does water change*
Great Freph! Are the ones in the Mini not doing so well from the original batch? Or newly tied on? I wonder what's causing that. It might point to some issues in the Mini going on right now with all the transitions.

Glosso + Riccia is also another great combination for the carpet that's predominately Riccia. Either way having either eleocharis belem or glosso acts as an additional layer of 'tying down,' the Riccia.
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