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Seeing that my plants are suffering severely from a lack of ferts, I have cut the light period way back and I am only running one set of lights! USPS Tracker says my fertilizers are in Columbia this morning, but didn't make the truck and will be delivered tomorrow!

Oooo! I totally forgot that I have a couple glass CO2 diffusers in with my ferts! sweet!

The nice little USPS tracker also says that I will have two packages of plants delivered today!! YAY! I am getting one package that has Crypt. Balansae x 5, C. Wendtii Red x 2 & C. Becketii x 6! The other is a RAOK I won of Trident Java Fern from Chase127!

The C. Balansae will all go in this tank as will the java fern, the rest will probably be split between this tank and the 20L.

Will update with pics of the new plants when they arrive!
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