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Boraras brigittae added!

Today was an exciting day. With my tank fully cycled, water hardness adjusted, and the plants nearly fully recovered, it was time to add my long-awaited fish. After some back and forth on my part, I finally settled on Boraras brigittae, commonly known as the Chili Rasbora. It is a micro-fish in every sense of the word. They are about the length of a long grain rice and not a whole lot wider. I could easily have 30 in my 6.6 gallon aquarium and if I spooked them, they could all disappear at will. I ordered 12 for my tank, and it's hard to count them moving all over the place, but I'm pretty sure I counted 15.

I could not source Boraras brigittae locally, and after asking around, Rachel (user msjinkzd here on TPT came highly recommended. She was a pleasure to deal with, and I highly recommend her to anyone needing to order fish or aquatic fauna! Don't let her hairdo fool you, she's a real sweetie!

Over the last week-plus, I've been slowly increasing the hardness of my water a few degrees. Everything seems to be doing better, now. I had asked Rachel about her water parameters where the were being kept, and my water parameters were getting closer to hers, though still a bit softer and slightly more acidic.

When the package arrived this morning, packed in insulating foam, I removed the bag and began a slow drip acclimation. After a few hours, I began adding the fish to my tank. To my surprise, they instantly took to their new home, and instead of hiding, they were very curious.

Here they are just being added to the tank:

These fish are perfect for the scale of my aquarium. Here you can see a chili next to a zebra nerite snail on top of the rock. The snail is about the size of my thumbnail and the rock slightly bigger than the size of my fist.

Since they were doing well, I decided to offer them a little food to see if they would take it. I used a product called Instant Baby Brine Shrimp. This product is awesome. It suspends in the water column and doesn't cloud the water. The fish go crazy over it. Even though the were just added to my tank, they immediately got busy devouring this product. Here is a video of the product so you can get an idea of how it suspends in the water column.
I plan to feed a mix of this product, ground flake, and ground New Life Spectrum pellets.

Here I am adding some of the Instant Baby Brine Shrimp product with a pipette.

How awesome is this, instant starry sky effect!

All of my pictures so far have been taken with a Canon S95, but it looks like if I want to get some shots of these fish, I'm going to have to use the DSLR to get some much needed DOF and faster focus control. They never stop moving!

'Till next time ...
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