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I really love the plant selection!!! Fish too!!! GBR are 1 of my favorites, and though I have never kept them the penguin tetras are FUN to watch! Sterbai Corys are VERY COOL TOO!!! I would think about putting a few more of them in the tank, as the corys really like to have a group of their own kind! Maybe 3 or better yet 5 more! I usually try to keep odd numbers of fish. I really don't know why, but I have read LOTS of Fish keeping mags and books over almost 30 years of fish keeping, and most of the writers say odd numbers work better! ??? Who Knows??? lol

I my really wanting to scape my 40B very much like this for the breeding pair of Angels I have! I still need to build a stand for my 40B though, so they are in my 55g which is more of a high tech setup with T5 HO and Pressurized Co2. Even though I have mainly Crypts in it now! lol But I want to do a peaceful low tech so the Angels will have a easy time while trying to hatch a spawn!

Anyway I hope you don't mind me borrowing from your scape! You have done a EXCELLENT JOB!!!

Keep up the awesome work, and with the great pics too!

P.S. SORRY about the loss of the Pearl and Otto! Pearls are my favorite Gourami, of the bigger Gouramis, and ottos can be tricky to get acclimated to a new home! I have lost a few myself, as have most of us! I usually buy 3 more than I am wanting in a tank to makeup for losses!

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