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Hole saws shipped today, I'm thinking 7/8" with silicone around it, so if the PVC expands for any reason, there is some play and should not crack the glass. Also need to pick up some female threaded 3/4" fittings for the Loc-Line adapter when I get the PVC cement.

Hm, I should have asked about coarse filters when at Big Al's yesterday.

Shrimpnewbie, thanks for the input. It'll be easier to raise the drip tray than replace the baffle, so that's what we'll do.

I will also be gluing a vertical support onto the bottom of the rests - they stick out too far for the silicone to hold them. Simple enough fix.

This week's to-do list:
  • Finish thumbscrews
  • Adjust drip tray rests & add vertical supports
  • Cut remainder of PVC for BeanAnimal
  • Figure out some method of supporting the drain/return pipes
  • Get jig ready for overflow box installation next week
  • Mask off overflow box silicone areas

I may just re-cut the drip tray rests while I'm at it - the middle piece needs extending anyways.
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