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Originally Posted by SaltyNC View Post
TS, I know that's right! We pay for every ounce shaved. It's amazing how quickly ultralight has evolved. Do you hammock camp? If not, you've got to search up YouTube for "Shug" and check it out. It's how I mostly camp these days. Shug lives in Minnesota, now, I think, but he is from NC. He's hilarious--does all these Sling Blade impressions. Good info in his entertaining videos on everything from hammock camping to stoves, etc. He introduced me to The BushBuddy--amazing ultralight stove handmade by a guy in the backcountry of Canada using a solar-powered spot welder.

Oops, I better start talking about fish! What kind of aquarium are you setting up? Are you aquascaping or only interested in keeping a planted tank? Any fish?
I actually moved on from hammock camping to bring my weight down further. I've actually been making a lot of my gear lately as I just picked up a sowing machine for the first time.

I am pretty new to the who aquascaping thing but I finally have a tank that doesn't essentially suck. I haven't posted on it yet but will start soon.
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