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Quick update...
I took a look at the Sumpery, annnd promptly moved on to the shiny.

Some test fitting of the PVC bits, also cut some of the connector pieces required for the drains.

New items on my list:
  • We'll need to drill the overflow box for sure to accommodate the returns - they won't fit as I originally intended. (7/8" bit ordered)
  • The caps are threaded, not slip, so I will be trying to make a 'gasket' of silicone - making lemonade out of lemons, as it were.
  • I am indeed out of PVC cement/solvent.

What I learned:
  • There is just no way to get the piping fully into the fittings. No way, man.
  • This project is expensive, but we're close now.
  • I appear to be having an allergic reaction to PVC shavings. Indeed.

Bulkheads installed:
A good feeling, this is.

It starts to take shape!! Thankfully the holes I drilled are close enough that shifting the bulkheads around gives me pretty darn close alignment.

So fresh and so clean...
I spent 20 minutes cleaning my saw blades with vinegar and a brass brush prior to using. The chop saw blade was so caked in pine sap it could barely cut anything at all - now look at 'er!

Bits and pieces:
Like Lego for aquarists. Or something.

"Threaded" cap:
I say that with hesitation because I did not have an appropriately-sized tap. I drilled the cap out with a Forstner bit on the drill press (using my drill press vise for the first time whee), then gave it a light thread. Since it was close, I "encouraged" the fitting to move into its new home. Fits like a glove! (if you are curious, this is indeed a John Guest fitting, and same for the red line...the online store I ordered from just happened to have it, so why not...)

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