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Bummer, almost 100 views and no reply. Think I've figured out what I need to do on my part to help the process, but still welcome to suggestions especially on relocating the eggs. Should I get a breeder net and move them to it to protect them from the Betta? I think they're too big for him to eat, but I do see some missing. Everything I've read suggests the corys will eat many of their eggs, so is it a good idea to separate them in a breeder net within the tank? My 2g spec isn't quite ready for fish, and I don't really want to spend the money on another tank nor do I have a suitable container to make do with. Should I just take the natural approach? I'd love to keep one or two of the babies for myself and have a school of 6, and I have a friend who has said he would take 4 if I'm successful... but no other takers if I have many to give away. Should I let nature run its course?


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