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Originally Posted by ccbeauch View Post
I purchased some DHG for my 72 gallon fish tank about 2 weeks ago now and it turned yellow on me and many patches died. Did any of yours turn yellow or die on you when you planted them or added the water? Not sure if it is the lighting or what. Haven't had any algee growth either which either means I'm great at setting up tanks or I screwed something up and even it can't grow. Thanks. And your tank looks great! Hoping to have bountiful DHG carpet like yours one day.
CC, when I flooded the tank, it did seem to stunt the hairgrass for a little while. I dosed Seachem's Excel pretty heavily, and I think that helped. I also purposely trimmed back my hairgrass after it began to take root to force even more runners.

I just recently added CO2, and I had some unpleasant die-off, but it seems to be recovering now, and it is almost back to 100%. When I was growing DHG emerged, I found it very easy to grow and didn't experience any issues with it. But, I read where plenty of people do have issues with it dying. I'm not sure what the secret is.

Thank you for your kind words.
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