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Okay..So it only took me 3 hours and 4 beers. Man I was on a mission! Put on some tunes and start planting. If I can manage to not kill all of these plants that would be awesome. Hell Im even wanting to break down the 56 gallon and replace it with another rimless we have at the shop! Alright well here we go!

The loot that I picked up today. Tons of plants, ADA diffuser, and some more Aquasoil.

Re worked the gravel lines and added some more to level it off. Then I misted the entire thing to prepare for planting.

Crypts first

Stem plants..and lots of them

Glosso, my carpet plant

Before adding the carpet plant

I love these tweezers!

Almost there

Slowly filling after attaching the flame moss to the submerged driftwood areas.

And presto! Decided to put the bar stools in front of it because Im going to be sitting here alot.

I did however have two problems. My Hydor inline heater has not arrived at the shop yet so Im using a temporary heater. My clear CO2 pressure rated tubing would not fit the diffuser. I guess I could have forced it on but the thing cost way to much money to risk it. I used an older piece of CO2 tubbing from a previous setup instead. Its only temporary. I will be picking some up from the shop tomorrow. Oh and the rocks piled up on top of the driftwood are temporary. They are there to hold the driftwood down until it is water logged.

All in all, I am very happy with how it turned out.

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