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So I did some detail work today on the Mini M.

Mostly, this involved trimming everything nice and down, and switching around the intake/out put to get some better mileage on Co2 distribution.

I made a few additions and modifications - namely I added Eleocharis Parvula (which I'll have a large bulk supply of soon, this stuff is amazing, it grows only about 1/2" tall and is perfect here) around the Tenellus (which I'll also have a bulk supply of at the same time) to cover up some of the root growth for the final shot.

As well I added the Parvula in the front right corner to cover up the space between the Riccia and the glass, and to the right of the left side of the scape to create a border that blocks the riccia stone from view.

This little touch will add a nice transition point between the elements of the aquarium.

Aside from that, the Tenellus, hair grass, Riccia all got a pretty hefty trimming to keep it going and get into more final stages.

I've way put off fish for this aquarium - and I'd like to get some Microrasbora Kubotai for this layout.

P.S. if anyone is looking for riccia, I have a bunch I just trimmed out of here.

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