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It arrived! After the import/brokerage fees ($58), it'll be the last time I order anything via UPS from the US, and I mis-ordered the caps (I had initially looked at the NPT, but ended up adding slip to the cart ), but that's not a big deal, and I will look harder for a Canadian source next time. It's nice to have it all in one shot, anyway.

After the screening process (which left me with much shallower fingerprints), I watered down the MTS and - no smell! At all...only the smell of the water. I am calling it done like dinner, and will add the clay when I have a moment. For reference, two bags of soil gave me 2/3 of that storage container.

The screen material is the 'pet-safe' type - I would guess that using metal screening would destroy your hands.

The method for screening was:
  • Clamp screening to tub
  • Shovelful of soil
  • Spread/shake around with hands, pressing into the screen slightly
  • Be sure to break up clumps by rubbing them between hands
  • When obvious that remainder is not going through, remove from screen
  • Repeat process

The nylon screen material:


This was left out of two bags of soil:

Kinda like wet concrete (ok, really wet concrete):

A little plantedtank love...

The initial drip flow size:

Pumps seem to hold 3-4" of water above the tray.

The burping I mentioned lifting the panels:

Can you spot the design flaw?

Water level below drip tray:

So, still some work. I am thinking I'll need to remove the drip tray rests and move them. Guessing you can see the issue. Drip tray is at the same height as the baffle overflow, meaning there is no room for 'dripping'. Pretty sure I'll be removing the tray rests, cleaning up the mess, and then re-installing them 1.5" above the baffle height. Won't give me a huge amount of space above for water, but I'll also enlarge the drip holes a bit to give more flow.
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