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Your tank looks AWESOME Sara!!! It's just so lush and gorgeous and I agree with FastFreddie (congrats on the kiddos by the way) that the fish must be VERY happy!!!

I am in LOVE with your moss wall, can you come and redo mine so it looks that good?

I love your DIY stuff, but I have to agree with you, I think the tank looked better before the java fern wall was put in. Don't get me wrong, the Java fern wall is a SUPER cool idea (and something I think I might try in the 5g because the moss wall isn't growing in so well this time so maybe i'll try something different ) however, I think the tank had a really nice "side of creek-bed" slope happening after the installation of the java on PVC but before the java wall was put in. We all know i personally love the jungle look, so I think you could leave it either way, but I thought I'd put in that I agreed with you that it looked better before (which is sad because again, java wall, such a cool idea!)

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