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Water changes are basically every 4-5 days. It was every 3 as I had a few deaths randomly and am overly cautious, but as my levels are always fine I've cut it back to basically once every 7 days. I actually think my tiger's may have breed as I've noticed a few I didn't see before...odd considering they're the more sensitive of the two species.

The tank has been up and running for over 3 months now, fully planted, 4 cory cats, a few ottos, and around 30 or so shrimp with 6 or so Tigers, and the rest are oranges. As for what the oranges truly are I have no clue. The first batch I bought were referred to as Pumpkin/Orange Shirmp.. the second batch were referred to as Pumkin/Orange Sakura's, and the 3rd batch as Pumpkin/Orange shrimp. All 3 batches were bought from either sellers on here or big online shrimp shops.

I've seen "Oranges" sold as and referred to as Pumpkins, Oranges, Orange Rili, Orange Sakura's and a few other names. I've seen top tier shops selling all three "variations" of that shrimp in the past (even though 2 had the same pics) so I basically gave up on trying to figure it out.

Water parameters.. like i said within the limits for what most breeders keep these in and breed them in. Basically, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 0 Nitrate, unsure of GH & KH as I've added quite a few things to the tank cholla, indian almond, lava rocks, and I'm sure that's screwed with it a bid. PH dunno, was around 7-7.2. I know you want more specifics but that'll have to wait until water change day. Had an accident with the tubes and only have 2 left so running tests takes forever until I get my new vials in lol.

Glad to know that about the eggs, I figured they would eat them regardless of what others have told me which is why i packed them into moss and put them under a piece of cholla near bubbles last time.... they still got ate lol.

Pretty cool my first two responses were from neighbors.. I'm in TN and I see that Jaime is as well... Kentucky's just right down the road too : )
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