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rrastro I do have a small update!

I just ordered the color I need in order to create the more REALISTIC looking Drift-Glass. It should be here tomorrow at the lastest. I can now add the wooded grain and make the color not come out metallic.

This is the third set I haven't pictured yet. I took two pictures, one by itself and another with the lighter one. Their both the same color but because I used a method called reduction-oxidation on it, it came out darker and more metallic.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I will take some better ones when I get the new work in on Monday.

On this one you can REALLY see the color difference.

I also updated the layout for the Drift-Glass website. It's not final but its better than what I had. I'm gonna do a fully custom one later when I have time.

I'm planning on going into the Studio this upcoming Sunday (it is going to rain). I would go tomorrow but I don't know if I can make it down there in time. Rainy days are much better to work because it is not as hot in the studio. It can get up to 120F in there.

One of my friends gave me this great idea. I want to know what you all think of it. Using glass like rocks instead of real rocks.

I also have been working on the set up for the 10 Gallon so I can take pictures of the last set. I had some epoxied to some real rocks but I felt it didn't look right. I am hoping the glass rocks will help with that look.

Something like this...although more ROCK textured and not just internal design.

Going on the whole shrimp thing, I have made fish and frogs. These are some of the frogs I have made not too long ago:

What I'm thinking is doing some frogs and fish like that so the fish in the tank can use it as a hiding spot. I mean why not right! It looks good.

I can also add spaces in the glass rocks for hiding areas. All possible ideas.

Yamaz, I will be making that shrimp this Sunday to see how long it takes to make. I'm expecting 5-10 minutes max for it.

On Monday or Tuesday I should be able to give another update of either the new glass, shrimp and other things I make along with the epoxied set up for the 10 gallon.

The majority of the drift-glass I will be making is going to be single curled pieces like the purples ones along with the rock and a few of the earlier suggestions. Im not going to be working with a partner so I will get a lot more work done, but the down side is I don't get to bring as many colorful attachments so I can't make any HUGE antler looking ones. Just smaller ones or straight curled ones.

Thanks for looking and all the great feedback so far.

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