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Day 21 (week 3)

Algae on the rocks diminished, introduced some Red Fire and Neon Yellow shrimps, they're doing a good job...
I'm a bit worried about the my Oto, it has redness around its mouth. Did some research, it seems I'm not the only one having this problem... Hope he'll be ok... Still doing 20% water changes every 2 days...
Checked water today: All parameters are good except ph, it's a bit low, will reduce CO2 injection.
There's a bit of cloudiness, don't know why, maybe its the shrimp food dissolving, my feeding dish will be arriving soon. Hopefully it will help...

Shrimps seem happy...

Runners Pic...
So far so good... You can see the little improvement from previous week.. Little is a whole lot better than none

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