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Egg Dropping... anything that can be done?

Having a few breeding issues with the Orange Shrimp. I've had my first batch of 10 for close to 2 months now, and have purchased two seperate batches from 2 other sellers about 3 weeks to try and keep the bloodlines mixed up a bit and to try and get males.

I've read that some shrimp can be infertile, eggs drop, etc..etc.. and so far I've noticed 4 berried shrimp but absolutely no babies that I've been able to find. I had one full sak of eggs laid in driftwood full of flame moss about a month ago. Scooped those up and hid them under a log with some moss padding and they were gone the next day.

Today I noticed another batch of eggs dropped in the EXACT same spot on the Flame moss attached to the driftwood. Without going into all my paramters yet, I will say from all my research and from talking to other breeders my paramaters are fine for keeping and breedingthese guys. I have RCS in another tank with the same parameters and they've breed twice already, but no luck on the Oranges yet.

I read that they'll drop them if they don't know how to carry them yet (first batch) as well. Not sure if this is the case, but I know nobody's babies are coming to full term it seems. Also read you should be able to see "eyeballs" which I've not noticed on any of the eggs from any of the females at any time.

Just thought it was odd to have 2 batches dropped literally in the exact same spot. This batch is still hanging there, figured I'd leave them until I get some advice..don't see any eyeballs in this bunch either. I know I have some males in the tank, but I've probably got 15-17 females and maybe...maybe 5-6 males of varying age.

Also been getting a lot of molting (good thing I assume) and the shrimp are actually growing like crazy so I must be doing something right outside of getting them to actually reproduce lol...
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