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Need help with BBA


Sorry about this longish post ...

I need help with my tank overrun with BBA.

90 gallon heavily planted tank that has been running for 1 year now. It is quite heavily stocked. I run pressurized CO2 and the drop checker is green-yellow. EI dosing with 50% weekly wc. Two Eheim cannister filters 2215/2217. 78F. This is a 24" tall tank and I have an Odyssea 4x54W fixture and a 2x39W fixture that sit on top of the tank. Light runs 1.5 hours in the morning and 7 hours in the evening.

I have been plagued with BBA (only recently identified as BBA) for a while now. Here is my current course of action:

- Cut lighting. I have shut off 2 of the 4x54W bulbs.
- Started using Flourish Excel per Seachem recommended dosage. However, this is quite expensive for a 90 gallon and I would like this to not be a permanent thing.
- I have two Hydor Koralia powerheads that normally provide plenty of circulation (I cannot keep any floating plants!) and surface ripple. However, one of them is out of commission temporarily. I lost a spacer down the sink when cleaning it and Hydor is sending me a replacement.

The bba started when I was using all my lights and was too scared to bump up the CO2. I feel that the cause may have been addressed. I am wondering how to get my tank to a good starting point.

I have read the recommendations about spot treatments and trimming. However, the bba is very widespread and spot treatment is daunting ... where do I start? Also, trimming may not work since most of the bba is in the mid to lower levels. I would end up taking out whole plants.

My plants ... Ludwigia, Rotalla, Anubias, Java Fern, Amazon sword, Crypt Wendti, Cabomba, Elodea, stargrass

Fish ... rainbowfish, harlequin rasbora, rummynose tetra, gold barbs, julii cory, roseline sharks, bnp.
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