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Finally my berried CBS's eggs hatched. I've only seen 3 but should be a few more around somewhere in the tank. They are so damn small in the tank. I think the shrimps poop are bigger than the baby shrimps.

I have another CRS that is berried, its probably going to hatch in about a week. I remember seeing it berried not too long after the CBS got berried.

I can't believed that the egg hatched at this temp. I remember almost a week ago before I got a fan from walmart the temp in tank gout up to 82F. Now the temp is 72-76F, 72F in morning and midnight and 74-76F afternoon when outside temp gets up to 100F

Heres some pictures. I know they are bad but my camera phone is what I got a hold of at the time. Hope you can see them.

Its right in the middle of the picture. I think its a red one probably a S grade tiger tooth.

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