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OK, I am on my other computer, the one with all the drawings. Lets see if I can find some I did about my pond-stream-bog set up...
First one is a cross section of the bog, does not include the lower pond.
1) Upper falls, 3 boulders with colored concrete to hide the pipe.
2) The (sort of) square is the upper pond.
3) Water from the upper pond falls into the head of the stream, first hitting a head sized rock, and splashing a bit.
4) Underlayment (carpet)
5) Pond liner. Just a big ol' rectangle.
6) Slightly deeper where the stream is, but this picture does not show it. There is a special kind of weed mat (shown in green, it is really black) to keep the peat moss in the bog areas.
7) Cobbled stream, using rounded river rocks up to 8" diameter.
8) Peat moss bog area.
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