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I love the pics, the mirror background looks great. It is a little confusing to the camera... I saw the scroll saw in the reflection... thought it was on the other side...

I am just starting to get back into this again, I haven't done this since I was a kid/teen. Right now I am setting up a tutorial for creating a floating island vivarium, with full water-scape below. My temporary setup that I had before my latest setup is on my website., click on the "Want to see my newt?" link. That setup no longer exists, and my current setup will no longer exist once I setup the tutorial.

One more suggestion, place a creeping ivy, (the one with green leaves that have three white stripes on them.), on the top of the Left Side bark, to hide the hose, and that corner of the tank.

I also have a photo request, take a shot, Dead center, and as if you were a visitor peering into the tank, from the top opening, or just from the front. I am curious to see how far the mirror extends the virtual interior.

Last note, I found a site that sells X-10 controllers, not to be confused with those stupid X-10 cameras... The interface is a remote control and program that lets you control power cord devices, like lights, and pumps and foggers... stuff like that. Rather cheap too, a whole setup costs around $200 for controlling about 4 devices. Now all I need is to somehow input Humidity and Temp into the computer!

All I wanted when I went to the pet-store was a little newt, and a small tank. Now I have over $400 invested into this thing... I am afraid to go back to buy a frog... there goes another $200!
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