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Pictorial update. I did like the downoi, but it was growing too quick in this tank, so I sold most of it off and left a few baby pieces. Only, the snails tend to like to eat it when I get lax on feeding. So, the plantlets are slowly recovering now that I'm keeping the mystery snails fat and happy with food.

I haven't updated in a while (our doggie isn't feeling well), so be forewarned. There is a lot of pictures in this post.


This little guy jumped right out of his skeleton after this shot. Pretty neat to have caught the initial splitting of the exo



Otos being cute:

Murky due to uprooting lots of crypts, stems, etc:

Mid water change because I want to include this picture

Betta coming out to inspect the progress

Oto feast (soilent green is awesome!)

Meeting of the minds:

Mid scape:

At an angle:

Some diy:

Giving the java some height:

Attaching with rex-lace:

More shrimp

Placing in the heightened fern:

More diy:

Back (sorry for the blurriness):

In place:

Only, I don't like it. I lost that distinctive triangular shape. So my plan is to do a little adjusting. But that'll come later.

Notes: I hate marineland powerheads. I've replaced it with a aquaclear that I've had for years. This 660r was supposed to be more powerful, but isn't, is louder than the aquaclear and clogs quickly. Plus it has no controls despite the description on the website I got it from (not that it would matter).

The moss wall was flipped to help grow in the moss that was under the brace. All but a space on the now bottom (that was underneath the brace) grew in quickly. But now the other side is getting a little sparse. So I'm going to have to flip it again or find another way to get light in that area. Maybe one of those stick on LED lights will work, I don't know. The white suction cups have all but disappeared except in the two bare spots. I figured I'll take it down on next cleaning and weave in some moss if it doesn't grow back by then.

I also think I need to sell of some ferns. I just have too much and it's not working in the space. Some of the java I got earlier this summer is still looking ratty because there isn't enough light in the corner.

Subwassertang is an excellent hole filler. It's a great way to hide problem areas in the tank.

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