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Self-sustaining Tanks

Originally Posted by BigTom View Post
Nice setup B. Are those hostas?
Hello Tom...

Not Hosta. But, Hosta might be an option. They do prefer low light, but not sure they would tolerate their roots emersed in water all the time. Anyway, I have three plants: Chinese Evergreen "Aglaonema modestum", a variety of Philodendron, I can't recall the scientific name and Pothos "Queen Marble".

Tanks are as close to "pain free" as I can get them. Nitrogens, especially ammonia and nitrites are picked up by the plant roots almost before the good bacteria can do their job. The roots also use the bulk of the nitrates. A good thing, since there is no bacteria that can use the nitrates.

Last time I tested the water, the ammonia and nitrites were at "0" and nitrates were 10 ppm. I never got that nitrate reading when I was changing half the tank water in the tanks every week.


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