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Again, apologies for the fuzzy's the best RIM can do. Later on I'll take some time to do nice shots with the Canon and tripod.

The overflow glass is about 1/8" too short, but I think after a liberal dose of silicone things should hold up fine.

Drip tray
The tray rests were cut, tapped, and siliconed in place last night. I am not super happy with the end result - the curves I cut on the band saw are not symmetrical, the holes are not symmetrically spaced - but since I have so little time, and this will be hidden, we'll go with it. Functionality won't be impaired, just aesthetics.

As you can see, all the threaded portions are done, just have to cut the hex heads and adhere them in place.

Driftwood/rock design v1:
My wife started work on the driftwood and rocks last night while I worked on the drip tray. I am liking how the driftwood fits together, but the rocks will need smashing/chipping. Right now the rocks cover ~40% of the soil - I'd like that number to be closer to ~15% to allow for more stem plants. She'll also be trying to integrate some sort of cave/rock bridge thingy to provide shelter for fish should the plants have issues.

Coming up next...
  • Sump drip tray
  • Overflow box
  • Finish MTS

This weekend will be busy, hopefully the sump stuff can be finished up. Another item I forgot about was finding coarse filter media to line the drip tray with. Maybe I'll just forego that and use the filter socks for testing.

Just saw that the PVC parts are out for delivery today!! Sweet.
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