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Read the ingredients in your 'bacteria in a bottle'.
If it does not have Nitrospira it does not have the right species of nitrifying bacteria.

Until you can get the right species do enough water changes to keep the ammonia under .25 ppm, nitrite under 1 ppm.

Nitrifying bacteria do not grow so fast to cloud the water. Other beneficial bacteria may, but they grow fast, eat up all their food supply, then die back to a normal population level. This usually happens over about a week, rarely lasts 2 weeks.

Other things that can cause cloudy water:
pH altering products, or decor that adds minerals to the water.
The beginnings of green water algae can look like grey or white cloudy water in the early stages, but it usually turns green pretty fast. You might look at the filter media and see if polyester floss is turning green.
A diatom filter would highly likely remove whatever it is.
Ammonia in the water may show up as cloudy water, perhaps with persistent bubbles at the surface.
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