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Thanks Marko!

In other news, ADG's resident dog, heretofore referred to as Demon Dog (a doberman), ate my Riccia.

Now this particular Doberman has an affinity for aquariums - not the aquariums themselves, but for messing with anything aquaria related. While spending any time doing maintenance on an aquarium she will steal anything from nets to algae pads to buckets and as fast as possible run across the way.

Indeed, on my desk there were quite a few items, including:

Riccia in Ziplock bags.

Out of all the options, she immediately went for the Riccia, foregoing Lunch and Paperwork, opened the ziplock bags and devoured the contents inside. Consequently, she spent the next 20 minutes running around ADG with a ziplock bag covering her mouth (she didn't eat any of the bag itself, rather tore it open and ate the Riccia) knowing precisely what she was guilty of.

Suddenly, I have an idea for a new, all natural dog treat.
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