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Very sweet! I guess someone else has beat me to the punch, with doubling up on these beauties! Btw... these tanks are 12 Gallons, not Liters!

Some questions:

1) Are you going to keep the edges not touching as shown in the OP photo? I'm wondering if there'd be a problem having the glass of two separate tanks touch each other. I'm in a seismic zone, so I might have additional problems doing that.

2) Are these stands are DIY? Did you put a top face underneath the tanks, or does the top look like the bottom, upside down? Are you planning on putting faces on the sides, or leaving it open? Was there an advantage to making two 36" stands instead of one 72"?

3) How tall are the stands?

Originally Posted by KenRC51 View Post
BTW, how do you run 1 filter in 2 different tanks?
What's wrong with two of these?

... and double the intake and outflow hardware? I was thinking that would work, but haven't tried it yet...
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