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Originally Posted by CryptKeeper54 View Post
Awesome. Thanks for the info. Good stuff. I wanted to try it with mini pellia on driftwood and rocks. And maybe other moss and go for the amano scape look.

Nice terrarium. I wanted to make one for a Jackson chameleon (popular here in Hawaii) but my warden (wife) said no
no problem
thats life.

Originally Posted by Complexity View Post
Simply beautiful! I love the rock work. When I first saw it, the large rock on the right reminded me of a magical castle. I'm looking forward to watching the plants grow out.
thank you.
the large "rock" on the right is actually manzi. also from my lfs. its got SO much texture, i fell in love with it. ill post a macro shot later today and show you guys.

Originally Posted by starrlamia View Post
Awesome! I love sororities, wish I wasn't in Canada so I could get some girls from you.

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yeah i dont know anything about trans shipping, sorry.

Originally Posted by Jegli09 View Post
Great looking tank so far!
thank you.
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