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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
I do too.. it will look weird having the corner filter and a light not coming out from the corner. Ohwell :/

Also you can't have the lid on with the Finnex, but I don't ever use the lid. The Finnex however is much higher lighting. I find I can barely keep red plants red with 2x LEDs.
Yeah it would look weird.. and I think I like the led light's look better in the water.. sorta makes things pop more I find.. and yeah I lost some fishes and shrimps to jumping initially and so i put the lid on.. man.. if things were not getting light before, it was even worse now.. 1) reflection 2) condensation .. visually it still was bright but my HC and DHG are pretty much brown.. and my Fissidens.. argh.. so i made a screen top from the screen used for screen doors.. i don't think it looks too too bad :p
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