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I really wanted to put in a pond in my backyard, but I decided it would be impossible to keep stocked with fish. We live right on the outskirts of the neighborhood with a forest right beside us. We have tons of wildlife in our yard all the time. We even had to put in a barricade underground along our entire fence-line to stop the armadillos from getting in and tearing everything up at night. I used to trap them, but stopped around 200 when the city's animal control stopped relocating them for me.

The raccoons out here are very brave. They come up to us at night when we're out by the patio, and they don't scare off easily. We don't have anything they want, but they come anyway. I used to have birdbaths and birdseed, but had to stop that years ago because I could not find a way to make them leave it alone.

I really don't mind the wildlife; in fact, I rather enjoy it. But I would really miss not being able to put in a pond.

I'm really sorry what happened to your plants and all, Bruce. That had to be really disheartening to see.

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