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Originally Posted by FriendsNotFood View Post
Gorgeous. Where did you get those lovely reddish rocks and what kind are they?
petrified wood. from my LFS.
but all petrified wood ive seen is more or less the same. i love the way it looks in a scape.

Originally Posted by SpecGrrl View Post
Originally Posted by SpecGrrl View Post
Your hard scape is super!
thank you.
IMO, everybody should spend as much time as needed to get their hardscape as good as possible, since that is the backbone of your tank. without a solid hardscape its hard to orient yourself in the tank.

Originally Posted by CryptKeeper54 View Post
Cool scape. DSM seems the way to go when attatching mosses. Can you do that with all mosses? just lay them on an object and let them attatch while emersed? Generally, how long does it take?
i agree.
so far i havent heard of a moss that wont grow emersed, so they should all attach.
you can just lay them down, but i minced them. some people even put them in a blender (google "moss graffiti"). when you have more disconnected segments, you have more growth points, and that is where the moss will be attaching.
since attaching was the goal here, i minced pretty finely (most sections of rhizome were 1/8" or so long). but when planting emersed and just looking for growth, ill just lay the fronds down onto the substrate. thats what i did with my terrarium (here is a link if youd like: page 8 has a pic of the moss at its best)
the time it takes depends on the moss. i dont think it should take any longer than 3 weeks. once you see significant emersed growth, its safe to assume its attached.
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