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Ok, so spend several weeks responding to every ROAK for plants, do some fill ins with package deals in the for sale room - wasn't picky about types, just wanted green . As packages come in, jam them into substrate in bunches or hold down with rocks, ended up with this:

Looking nice and green! I did lose a large African Water fern and several java fern that were the very first residents, when it looked like this:

Here what it looked like when I took everything out to do my first attempt at a scape:

Found this wood on a scrap/garbage pile, seems to be ether dogwood or crepe myrtle - I have no idea but it is very hard and had no smell. Cut, trim, debark, mount, roast a bit (should have been much longer) soak for several weeks until no tannins!

Put it all in the tank (first plant - careful planning and 'it should go here', quickly degrades into 'there's another patch of substrate I can shove this into). The one thing that was thought out was the Anubias nana , coffeefolia, and narrow leaf Anubias super glued to the driftwood. Hope they do well, I really like Anubias and hope to have more examples someday.

The big gap in the back left actually has a bunch of short penny/money wort stems - I'm hoping they take off and fill in.

So did I improve it or make a mess?

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