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cashman's 6' adventure (2 x 12L)

So, I found the thread about the 12L club and got inspired to jump back into the aquatic realm. I work from home, so the tanks will be in my office. This will not be a speedy process, as the old adage says "nothing good happens fast in an aquarium". I've done fast tanks in the past due to impatience, and always regretted it.
Still a lot of planning going on, so ideas are welcome, but don't be offended if I don't respond to every one offered.

Tank - Mr. Aqua 12L (2)
Light - will be looking for the Sept release of Finnex FugeRay 36"
Filter - contemplating one filter for both?
Substrate - Black Diamond Blasting sand or wait until I can afford Amazonia
Hardscape - planning
H2o - Bulk Reef Supply RO/DI filtered water
CO2 - planning
Heating - Hydor 200W Inline
Flora - planning, but definitely HC is in the plan
Fauna - I have 4 kids, so fish will definitely be residents

I still have to skin the stands, but you get an idea. B/C I'm an upstairs room, the wall that the tanks are on is only about 52" tall, and the ceiling slopes up from there. The lights will hang from the ceiling.

Subscribers enjoy, but be patient!

Just for fun, this was my last tank, a 2.5g 4 years ago:
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